I am an experienced software developer, currently working as an independent practitioner. Purelogic Softworks is the trade name of my private business.

Businesses and industries must grow and evolve in order to survive in this new era of digital services. My job is to make that growth possible by capitalizing on the benefits of available technologies. My mission is to build software that upholds to known good standards of the industry, and can be trusted to work reliably.

Jukka Hopeavuori

Experience and skills

I have a history of nearly 8 years of working on challenging software projects, on all levels of the technology stack. I work naturally with a wide technical responsibility and I‘ve been in a lead developer role for several years.

I am fully rehearsed in full-stack development, test automation, and DevOps practices. I have worked with several different software architectures and integration patterns. I also have plenty of experience in container technologies and cloud platforms.

Below is a rough breakdown of my competencies.

  • JavaScript
    5+ years
  • C#
    5 years
  • TypeScript
    3.5 years
  • Scala
    2 years
  • Java
    3 years
  • Python
    3 years
  • F#
    1 year
  • Kotlin
    Less than 1 year
  • React
    3.5 years
  • Node
    3.5 years
  • MySQL
    5 years
  • Postgres
    5 years
  • GraphQL
    3 years
  • Redis
    2 years
  • DynamoDB
    1 year
  • InfluxDB
    1 year
  • Docker
    2.5 years
  • Kubernetes
    Less than 1 year
  • Terraform
    3 years
  • Jenkins
    3 years
  • CircleCI
    1 year
  • Amazon Web Services
    3 years



A large-scale IoT product for optimizing temperatures in buildings with district heating. The product promises to reduce heating costs, improve living conditions and decrease coal emissions.

The service is used by hundreds of housing companies and is installed in 50,000 apartments in Helsinki and across southern Finland.

I worked on the project as a consultant in a developer role for a period of 13 months, as part of a team of experts.


A medicine dispensing cabinet for hospitals, with smart features and automation built-in. It was developed in close collaboration with medical professionals, and integrated seamlessly with several hospital information systems.

The product is used in dozens of different hospitals in Finland and in Denmark, with tens of thousands of individual operations daily.

I got involved when early versions of the software were being built, and ended up taking full responsibility of the software development duties.


Jukka was meticulous in everything he did, approaching new feature development analytically and always thinking of the longterm effects on decisions taken, while being able to deliver quality code in a timely manner.
— Vesa Valonen, BDD at Motley Agency
Jukka has shown excellent initiative and capacity for self-development. Jukka has been a trusted partner, capable of performing challenging tasks. I would be happy to recommend him for similar and even more demanding work.
— Tatu Ulmanen, CEO at Virtue Oy


If you think we should talk, drop me a message at jukka@purelogic.xyz and I‘ll be in touch.